A mining approach to sustainability

The prosperity of Ghana is inseparably linked to the sustainability of our world-class mining sector. Our approach to sustainability is guided by global best practice on sustainability and is contextualised further by formal charters that define our goals and commitment to stakeholders. For Jcs Mining, sustainability is a journey.

We recognise that sustainability is an important element in ensuring the future is secured for every one of our stakeholders. The concept of sustainability and implementation of its constituent parts are integral to both our strategy and the way we measure the performance of our people.

Value added through the sustainability approach

The value added to the business and stakeholders differs across the sustainability spectrum, and is both quantitative as well as qualitative. We add value because our sustainability approach extends beyond maintaining the organisation to development through growth, and playing a responsible role in society.

Compliance to both the mining charter and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) codes enables Jcs Mining to add value, using a bottom-up approach to developing opportunities for empowerment.
Additional value is derived from reduced and avoided costs, better risk management, greater responsiveness in volatile markets and investor security, lower costs of compliance, improved reputation with key stakeholders and greater influence with regulators, a stronger brand, greater customer loyalty, lower cost of capital and most importantly, the improved wellbeing of our communities.